Inspired by over a century of watchmaking we are on an unflagging quest of precision, utility and design.
Drawing on the absolute best in materials and resources, a series of exquisite wall clocks have emerged over the years.
Every clock in our collection serve as a benchmark in clockmaking.
Instead of creating just another clock, our clockmasters dive deep into the history of horology and design, while scouting for best of materials that look beyond the best in our modern day environment. 

We spend hours crafting new colour combinations, testing materials and experimenting with contrasting finishes to develop innovative detailing reimagined for today.

The use of top quality materials and movements are a hallmark of Harris & Co. Clocks.
Our ambition is simple: To make great clocks that last a lifetime at fair prices.

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Silent Technology

All clocks have silent sweep movement/machinery, Seconds hands has sweep rotation making no tik-tok sounds.

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Premium Frame Materials

We procure high quality materials such as metal and wood from around the world, which gives it a premium look and feel.

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Top Surface Glass

All clock have Real HD Glass as top surface (No plastic) which makes dial much more visible from different angles and low light conditions.

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Lightweight & Sturdy

We thrive to make our clocks light in weight and yet sturdy for it to last long.